Found a Temporary Job in Annapolis

I was not really thinking about moving to Annapolis, MD. It just sort of worked out that way. I found a job by accident a couple of weeks ago, something temporary and not very rewarding in the way that one might like a job to be. However it is something in a field that I am interested in getting into and therefore the experience might be quite valuable to me if I am lucky. I found a room that I can rent and figured out how to get cheap internet in maryland. I do not need much else and it does not make sense to go putting down roots. I actually figured out a place to stay for real cheap too, because I have some handyman skills that I picked up working summer jobs to get through college.

I was looking around for rooms and I found a place I liked, but I explained that I could not really afford the place. The guy suddenly asked me if I could fix plumbing, which I can up to a certain point. I can fix a leaky faucet or a toilet, but if a job is too tough you really need to call someone who is a real pro. I can also do all sorts of light carpentry, but the problem there is that I need to have my own tools. This fellow really needed a handyman though and he said that I could use his tools. Of course it is a pretty tough job to be honest and I cut a pretty stiff bargain with him. I did a bunch of work while I was up there too. He liked the jobs that I did and he decided to agree to my terms. So I can probably live up there for very little, but it won’t be fun.