Just Moved Up to Providence, New Hampshire

An old friend of mine called me up about a month and a half ago. He wanted me to go to work for him at a company he owns at the Providence International Airport at Pease, which is a little town here where the airport is located. He managed to convince me by helping me sell my house to one of his friends here in Lowell. I could not have done it otherwise, because obviously I have to make a house payment whether I am living there or not. Now I still need to find nh cable internet, but I am not sure they will cooperate as I have a satellite tv system hooked up to this house already. The guy I bought the house from did not have much good to say about the cable company or the Internet either. He was around 80 years old and I do not think he had any use for the internet. He did have a great satellite package and there is about half a month left on it.

I really like the location. Which sits upon what they call the Little Bay here. I am across the Bridge from Providence actually, the one that is North and West of the City I mean. I am still in New Hampshire I mean. I could just as easily live in Maine if I wanted and if there had been this good of a deal available. We are on this river, but I have no idea how to spell the name yet. It is the state line too, so you cross the bridge on the Maine turnpike and obviously you are in Maine. I am going to have to get myself a john boat and a little trolling motor or something I have already caught a bunch of fish after walking down to this little point.

Great Deals on Homeowners Insurance in Arizona


About a month ago, I closed on purchasing a house in Arizona, and I meant to already take care of getting homeowner’s insurance, but I have procrastinated in doing so for whatever reason. It is kind of embarrassing to have waited on something so important, as I am basically leaving my investment unprotected at the moment. Anyway, since my family is about to move into the new house, I would like to look for arizona home insurance policies to purchase before they actually do move in. I am going to be pretty strict about not letting them to live in the house until it is insured. There is just too much liability involved in doing otherwise.

Right now, I want to try to look for great deals that are available in the state of Arizona. I have never lived in this state before, so I do not really know what the insurance prices will be like here. My wife really has really wanted to move to this state for a number of years, and I managed to find a good job opportunity in the state. As such, I ended up purchasing a house in Arizona, and now I am about to move there. I am pretty excited, but I definitely have a few things to take care of, and this home owner’s insurance issue is on the top of my list, in terms of priority.

I want to get a insurance policy on my house that will also be fairly extensive in its coverage. That way, my house will be covered from more things, and I definitely want to have some sort of personal liability insurance included as a part of the coverage package. I just think that makes a lot of sense, and I would not be willing to buy an insurance policy without it.