They Took My Wrecked Car

San Diego Beach HotelsI knew I needed to get rid of my car, but I was not sure how to do this. I asked a couple of my friends, but they were all clueless too. Whenever any of us had a car in the past and got a new one, we just traded in our old one. My old one was involved in an accident though, and there was no way I could trade it in. I finally asked the mechanic I usually go to, and he told me to do a search for cash for car.

He explained that there are companies that will pay cash for any kind of vehicle, even if they have been wrecked or won’t start.

In Business You Need to Make Sure Your Arabic Translator is Trained to Ensure Accurate Language Communication

After a failed experience with a translator from another company, we made sure our new arabic translator is trained to ensure accurate language communication. It is critically important to have someone who is highly trained and experienced in the art of translating. I say art because it is not an exact science. You can have a dozen people say something, and each person may choose different words to say it. Plus, people often choose words poorly when they are trying to convey a meaning.

Speaking of a dozen people saying something, have you ever heard of the experiment where one person reads a phrase and it is passed on down a line of people? By the time it gets to the end person in the line, the meaning could be changed quite a bit from what was originally said. This can happen using an inexperienced or poorly trained translator. Continue reading