I Get a Lot of Compliments on My Hair

My best friend and I are always sharing things with each other. It is not abnormal at all for one of us to send the other an email or text with a message to click here to look at a website. When she sent me a text like that which led me to a social media site for a local salon, I was so happy once I saw why she wanted me to go there. We had been talking about finding a new salon to do our hair because we just weren’t satisfied with the hair stylist we were both going to at the time.

When I saw the salon she had been looking at, I could understand why. The pictures of the different hair styles were really nice, and nothing at all like what our own stylist would do for us. If we were older, we might find ourselves satisfied with the one dimensional styles that we were getting, but we are still young. We wanted youthful hair styles, and that is what this new salon could offer us. Continue reading

I Needed a Business Logo

When I decided to go into business for myself, I knew that I would need to have a logo that was amazing. It would end up on my business sign, my letterhead, my stationary, my name cards, and my brochures. I wanted it to be synonymous with my business, so when people saw it they would immediately know that it was my company. I looked at different companies that do graphic design, but it was my friend who ended up finding me the right company. He had sent me an email that just said click here.

I figured it had something to do with my search for the perfect logo, because that was at the forefront of my mind. I was not wrong either. I read the home page of the website that he sent me to, and I liked what I saw just from that. Continue reading

Had a Pretty Good Scare Today

I just about had a heart attack this morning. I went out to my car and was about to head off to work, but then I realized that I had left a piece of paper that I needed on the kitchen table. I got about half of the way back to the house and one of my trees fell across the driveway. I am going to need to get a tree service in asheville nc to come by and clean it up today. Right now I am trying to see if it can be done while I am gone. Of course I might have to get the guy who does my tractor work to come past and have him fix up the yard at the same time. I had to go cross country to get out to the road and as much as I hated to do it I had to get out through the grass.

Of course the reason that the tree feel down was because of the storm we just had, so it was not like the ground was nice and firm for me to drive out on. Continue reading

How We Are Using Our 10×12 Store Friendly Space

big jeepI started out with a small store friendly storage unit when I was in college. It was 2×4 feet in size. I kept on moving up in size for the storage space I rented as things changed in my life. When I got married, we rented an 8×8 storage space in Singapore. Now that we have children, the space we have is 10×12 feet and packed full of things. These are not things we should probably give away or sell. No, these are things that we use throughout the year along with things that we want to keep. We have a lot of things from yesteryear that we just will not part with but have no space at home to store.