We All Want to Know What’s Popular

When I first began to use Soundcloud, I was surprised by how few followers my music was generating. I thought long and hard about how to get more followers on Soundcloud until I stumbled onto Soundcloudking.com. Now this is the kind of service that I had been looking for. As someone who has been using Twitter for years now, I know just how important it is to socially engineer your Tweets if you’re hoping to make any kind of money off of the service. It sounds shady and it might be but this is how the Internet works. This is real life. Continue reading

Love at the Click of a Mouse

I used to be a lonely man. I was almost 29 years old and I had never been in a relationship. There were women that I liked, but they did not return the feelings. They said that they did not want to ruin our friendship. I was very disheartened when I would see all my friends with their girlfriends, fiancees, and wives. They all seemed so happy. I asked my friend for help. He told me abut a dating website for singles. I gave it a try. The website to me to click here for love. I was at the end of my rope. I gave it a shot. Little did i know at the time, it would pay off for me.

I set up an online profile to start searching for potential women for me. They were profiles of different types of women. There were Black, Asian, Latina, and European women. Most of them had very beautiful profile pics. Continue reading

Found Help for My Migraines

I have suffered with migraines my whole life. I never found anything that works then I tried some melatonin for sleeping. I found that it stopped my migraines. I don’t get any as long as I take 5mg before bed every night. If I skip then i might get them again so I quickly got in the habit and no longer forget. So I am looking into other ways to better my health. I read some things by alex simring that wee interesting and bought some books.

I know some spices are good or the brain. Turmeric and cinnamon and ginger have all been shown to help with conditions in the brain like inflammation and breaking up plaques in the brain as well. Continue reading