It Really Changed My Life


Recently I had to look into Charlotte counseling. It is not something that I wanted to do but rather something that I thought had to be done. I was at a bad point in my life and I just could not go on under these circumstances, so I looked into changing them. I wanted to start over and to do that I would need to reinvent myself. I thought what better place to do that then at a a counseling center. I was at probably the lowest point in my life, I hope that I never have to experience that sort of pain again, and I knew that it was time that I made a change. So I went against everything that my body was telling me to do and I went for it. I went and met with my counselor for the first time and that really changed everything for me. It was not at all like what I expected. She was friendly and warm.

That was the most important part I think, and the part that kept me coming back week after week. She was so sweet and likable that you jsut did not want to upset her or let her down. She believed in me like nobody ever had and it made me come back week after week. I don’t know if it was her plan from the begining or if she was just some terribly caring person, but either way it worked and it got me to open up about what was going on and how I felt. She was the first person that I had talked to since coming back from the war and it really helped put everything into perspective. She made me feel like I was cared about and most importantly that I was not alone.