Finding a New Home for Our Family

I always like looking at new launch developments. I get the majority of my information from, which is a website that details all the newest launches in the area. The information found on it is quite extensive as it details not only the developments themselves but what is around each one too. This is important information for anyone, but particularly for someone like me who has children. The last thing I want to do is move my kids somewhere where there is not much for them to do. I also don’t want to move them into a school district that is not the best in the area. Continue reading

Moving Back Home for Mom

I knew that I had to move back to Boston because of my mom’s failing health. There was no one else to take care of her, and I did not want to see her go into a nursing home. She was not on her deathbed, but she also could no longer live on her own. I had been thinking about moving back anyway, so it was not really that big of a deal for me. I did look at luxury apartments in Boston first though, because I knew that her small apartment would not be nearly big enough for the two of us.

I wanted to live somewhere nice too, where there were people my own age. Though it was not a retirement community that she was living in at the time, it sure did have the feel of one. Continue reading

I Got a Job at Harvard

I am still working as a construction project manager, but I have gotten hired to handle a lot of the things that they have going on at the campus of Harvard University. So far I have not been able to do some of the things that I really need to do. I have been looking for apartments for Cambridge MA and the places that I have looked at have been really expensive. I had been living on the far side of Suffolk County and I would have been happy enough to stay there if it had worked out, but it would have been an onerous commute every day. Continue reading

I Met a Great Girl

I have been pretty happy lately and there is a girl to thank for that. Obviously I was pretty down after my last break up, but I just lucked into meeting a friend of my sister in law a couple of months ago. She is working in real estate, selling these very nice seaside residences. Of course the problem is that we really do not have very nice beaches here in Singapore, but that is not that important since you are not really going to be competing against someone else who has a beach either. I met her at a wedding that they dragged me to, which is probably a great place to meet girls if you are serious about getting in a relationship. That was just a way to get my foot in the door, I talked to her for a long time and then I tried to get her phone number. That did not work.

Of course I needed to find a new place to live, so I went to see her on that account. Continue reading