We Never Expected a Baseball Scout to Come Knocking on Our Door

Our son started playing baseball by just playing catch in the back yard with his grandfather. Neither my wife nor I have much interest in sports, but my wife’s dad is a baseball enthusiast. He played in high school and college, and he has been a fan of the sport his entire life. Our son got hooked after the first minor league game he saw at a local sports stadium. He was firmly hooked when he saw his first MLB game. He wanted to play and not just be a fan, and we used a Denver sports performance coach to help him advance in his abilities as college was then just a couple of years away. Continue reading

Moving Close to Lake Ray Hubbard So I Can Get More Time Fishing

I told my wife that I would move anywhere she wanted as long as I could go fishing within minutes of where we lived. She was looking at nice apartments in North Dallas, and she told me Lake Ray Hubbard was just minutes away. I like to get some fishing time in after work and sometimes before work. It is the one and only hobby that I really like. I do not golf, ride motorcycle, go rock climbing or any stuff like that. I just carry a tackle box and a couple of fishing poles and go fishing.

My wife likes it too, just not as much as I do. She did pick us a great apartment. I leave that stuff up to her. Otherwise, we would be living in a trailer next to a lake somewhere. She makes any place we have lived a real home. Continue reading

My First Apartment is Perfect for Me

I knew that I was going to have fun looking at Waltham MA apartments, mainly because it as was the first time that I was going to be living on my own. There is just a certain excitement about that! It did not take me long to find the one bedroom apartment that I wanted either. Located in the Arlington 360 complex, this apartment has everything I could ever want or need. The layout is really nice too. The bedroom is at the far end of the apartment, and the bathroom is right next o it.

Next to the bathroom is a den that I was not expecting but totally love. Continue reading