People Are Getting So Smart About Designing Living Spaces

When did apartment living become so luxurious and trendy? I can’t believe how many nice places there are out there now! When I was a kid I remember that having a luxury apartment typically meant that you would need to get a penthouse on the top of some building for a lot of money. That’s not the way it is anymore. I was showing my mom this website for a place that I wanted to rent, and her mouth dropped when I showed her the photos. The place is luxurious, but it doesn’t come with a penthouse price at all. Mom jokes that she wanted to move in with me.

Used to be that an apartment was an apartment. you could go to anyone’s apartment anywhere in town, and they mostly all look exactly alike. If you were lucky your apartment has more bedrooms than someone else’s apartment. Continue reading

The Lodge is a Different Kind of Apartment Home

My brother is a bachelor. He has no plans on getting married. He likes to fish, climb rocks, spelunk into holes in the ground that you would think no sane person would enter and other wild stuff like that. He was looking for an apartment in Florida when I showed him a website for The Lodge on Hidden River. His eyes lit up like the Fourth of July fireworks we used to set off as kids. He had found his own version of home sweet home.

The Lodge is a rustic yet chic living space that is perfect for the urban-working adventurer my brother is. He is not a cowboy or rancher or other worker of the land. Continue reading

I Want to Find a New Apartment

I went out to look for a new place, of course first I went around looking at the website, since that was an easy thing for me to do. I loved this place I went to on Cobb Ave, but I am not sure about the cost of this place. It is really a luxury apartment and it was really way above the price range that I was thinking about. However I got to thinking that if I could find a roommate, then the price after you split the rent would actually be less than what I wanted to pay. At any rate this is a good idea, but only if you execute it well. The idea is obviously sound, but that only counts if you get a roommate that pays his ( or her) share of the rent every time that it comes due. Then you really need to be able to get along with the guy too. Continue reading

Getting Results the Right Way

I knew that we had to make drastic changes soon with our business. Otherwise, we were going to have to close up shop and go back to work for others. Neither my husband nor I wanted that, so we decided to get some expert help in revamping our online presence. We mainly deal with just online clients, so our website tends to be the first impression that anyone gets of us. I guess we were not making such a great impression if the lack of business was any indication, but that changed when I heard about Algorhythm SEO services.

This company knows how to make websites that will have people take notice of them right away. I had done my research on different companies that help with this type of thing, and Algorhythm is the one that seemed to have the happiest clients. After looking at their website and seeing all that they do, it was easy to understand why more people chose them. Continue reading

An Apartment That Feels Like Heaven on Earth

I looked at the website for Tindall Park apartments and knew instantly that I wanted to live there. My husband and I have two children, so I was not sure we would be able to find a nice apartment that would be perfect for our small family. The apartments at Tindall Park don’t even seem like apartments though. The one that we are getting is even nicer than the house we had lived in a couple of years ago, and that is really saying something. Everything about Tindall Park is just perfect for us, and it has made this decision to move much easier.

The kids are still young enough to where they are not going to have a hard time adapting to a new school and making new friends. As soon as I looked at Tindall Park, I wanted to make sure that the school district was a good one, which it is. The school the girls will go to is also not far away, and it has excellent reviews from other parents in the area. Continue reading