A Pedicure for My Grandma

I was not really sure what to get my grandmother for her birthday. She has everything she needs, and if she wants something, she just goes out and buys it. I wanted to get her something really nice, but it did not have to be something she would keep, like a book or home decor. I was okay with giving her an experience, but I did not want it to just be a nice meal out. I thought for days, and I finally realized what she would love. I did a search for pedicure in Singapore to see if there were any nail salons close to her.

I wanted to find one that has a good reputation. I would take her to mine, but it is two hours from where she lives, and I knew she would not want to spend the night at my condo because of her dogs. Continue reading

I Got a Job After School

I certainly could have dreamed up a better job if it were up to me, but I need to get some money before I start the university. That is about a year off and I am going to have to come up with the money I need to eat and if I want to have fun, that is going to cost me too. At any rate I am a part time cleaner in Singapore and luckily for me I have not been working too much during the weekend. They have a lot of work that they do in the weekends. Usually I am going to do about ten hours on Saturday and a little bit less on Sunday. There are a couple of different people who I help. I just do what they tell me to do and that is not that hard. It is not great money, but it does pay better than any of the other options which were open to me. Continue reading

I Needed to Show My Dad Just How Appreciative I Am

My father has been big into property management ever since I was a small boy. It has made him incredibly wealthy, and he was able to retire early just recently because of it. When I reached the age of 19, he said that he wanted to give me a couple of the properties to manage. Recently, I hired someone to do post tenancy cleaning for Singapore residents so that they can handle the simple stuff for me. Both of the properties need some renovations, and I will handle all of that myself in order to save money.

My dad has always been a hard worker. I have always seen how well that has done for him, but I did not immediately go down that same road myself. After I finished high school, I felt like I wanted to have fun for awhile before going to college. My parents were not happy about it, but they had no choice since I was 18 years old. Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Rough Feet

The Holland Village pedicure I got at the salon sure made my feet look better. I must admit I let my feet go thinking that most people would never see them anyway. I quit wearing open toed shoes a few years ago and have been sticking with rather conservative pumps for some time. Needless to say, my feet started to look rather questionable. I knew I had some rough patches on my feet because I could feel them when I took a shower and dried off. I let it go because I didn’t really care about it.

Then I had a function come up in which I would have to wear shoes that would show off the rough patches. Continue reading

I Have Moved to California

I have been out here for about a month and a half now, it is really nice in this part of the world, except that it does not seem to ever rain and that is a huge deal. I bought a house and the first thing they told me to do was to make sure that the brush was cut back. I should have hired someone to do it, I would have come out ahead I think. Right now I have to pay some chiropractors in Concord CA after I injured myself. Continue reading