A Big Holdiay Feast Among Friends

I invited my friends over to the apartments in Orlando FL for a holiday dinner. I wanted every one to make something and bring it with them, so I wouldn’t have to do all of the cooking. I made the main dish, which was a turkey, and that took a while to prepare. Some of my friends are better at making certain things than I am, such as desserts. One of my friends makes a really good red velvet cake that tastes like it was whipped up by a French chef with years of training at a fancy culinary arts school. Another one knows how to make a classic southern macaroni and cheese that has an amazing baked on cheese crust.

I pushed two tables together and covered them with a table cloth to make it seem like I had one long table. My apartment had enough room for both tables and all of the seats for my friends I was expecting 12 people to come to the dinner, so I had to get some extra chairs from the store. They were the kind of chairs that fold up for easy storage. I also bought some wine and sparkling cider to drink for the occasion. There are a couple of people that I invited that don’t drink alcohol, so I wanted them to have something so they wouldn’t feel left out.

The guests arrived with their dishes and I placed them all at the center of the table. I was tempted to sneak a taste at the dishes before all of the guests arrived, but I held back. Once everyone had come, we started eating and talking about our lives. Even with 12 guests, there was still enough food left over for the guests to take some leftover home with them.