A Pedicure for My Grandma

I was not really sure what to get my grandmother for her birthday. She has everything she needs, and if she wants something, she just goes out and buys it. I wanted to get her something really nice, but it did not have to be something she would keep, like a book or home decor. I was okay with giving her an experience, but I did not want it to just be a nice meal out. I thought for days, and I finally realized what she would love. I did a search for pedicure in Singapore to see if there were any nail salons close to her.

I wanted to find one that has a good reputation. I would take her to mine, but it is two hours from where she lives, and I knew she would not want to spend the night at my condo because of her dogs. I looked at the different nail salons in her area, and I found one not far away. I contacted them because I had a few questions. My main one was I wanted to know how often they clean out their foot baths and the process in which they do it.

Those might seem like odd questions, but they are very important ones for me. My grandmother is in her 70s, and I don’t need her getting an infection from a foot bath that was not properly cleaned. I know some nail salons clean them properly after every customer, while others may just change the water. I was so happy to hear that they change and clean it after every pedicure. That ended up being a great gift for her, and I think she is going to be a regular customer there. It was her first time, and she loved everything about it, including how her feet looked when done.