An Apartment That Feels Like Heaven on Earth

I looked at the website for Tindall Park apartments and knew instantly that I wanted to live there. My husband and I have two children, so I was not sure we would be able to find a nice apartment that would be perfect for our small family. The apartments at Tindall Park don’t even seem like apartments though. The one that we are getting is even nicer than the house we had lived in a couple of years ago, and that is really saying something. Everything about Tindall Park is just perfect for us, and it has made this decision to move much easier.

The kids are still young enough to where they are not going to have a hard time adapting to a new school and making new friends. As soon as I looked at Tindall Park, I wanted to make sure that the school district was a good one, which it is. The school the girls will go to is also not far away, and it has excellent reviews from other parents in the area. There are also a lot of things around for us to do, from entertainment venues to nice restaurants that we will all enjoy.

What I am most excited about though is the apartment. It has four bathrooms! With three females in the household, this is huge. Even though they are not spending a lot of time primping yet, I can already tell that it is coming. With each of us having our own bathroom, it already feels like heaven on earth. The girls will each have their own room, and my husband has a private office for when he brings work home. There is even a full laundry room, which is a really nice bonus too. When we showed the girls, they both fell in love with it too!