Best Deals Online Train Horns

My friend is talking about putting a train horn on his truck. It is not something that I would do personally, because I am not really sure if it is legal. But I am going to encourage him to do it, and to buy one soon. So I have taken it into my own hands to look for a good online deal on a train horn. First, I need to find a site that actually sells train horns. It seems like a bit of a niche thing to sell, but I know there are a lot of train enthusiasts out there, so I am sure that there has to be a website that specializes in selling train horns.

I think that my friend wants to get a really loud horn, but I know that he does not want to drop too much cash on buying the horn. I want to ride around with him, after he buys and installs one, and see the reactions that he gets from people, after blowing the horn. It is bound to be a good time, and I am sure that I will have my share of laughs.

I am just glad that I will not be the one driving the truck, just in case he gets in trouble for having such a loud horn on his truck. It seems like you could get a citation, or something like that, depending on the local laws. At the same time, I do not see any problem with using such a horn in a rural area. I am looking at all of the models of horns that are offered on this site I just found, and it is more than I thought it would be. Some of these horns look really awesome, and I bet they are crazy loud.