Getting Our Old Slate Roof Repaired One More Time

We had slate shingles on our roof that were in need of repair. A lot of places won’t even attempt to fix old slate, but we found a Brooklyn roofing repair service that would do it. They knew how fragile the old stuff was, and they had tricks to fix it. Our roof was close to the ground in a one story house, and that made it a lot easier to fix. The precautions that need to be taken with an old slate roof that is high up would probably had us replace the entire roof with new composite slate material. It was neat how they matched the color of the old slate to new slate pieces. I don’t even know where they got them.

We wanted to preserve the original look of our home, but we had gone through all of the extra shingles the original owner had kept for making repairs to the roof. He had saved quite a few of them from the original installation. The old place had hand-carved hardwood moldings in the house and a real stone floor in the dining room. It was an interesting place to live in. We had the brick outside cleaned and the mortar joints pointed and sealed. The place looked vintage yet in great shape. It was worth the expense to get the slate roof repaired and color matched. It takes real craftsmanship and artistry to make new slate pieces look like the weathered roof on our home.

In a few years we may need to consider replacing the entire roof with new composite slate, but we found some brands we like that look almost like the real thing. Right now we were just having another repair done after the harsh storm season we went through. This house is just not made for regular shingles to make it look like every other house on the street.