Had a Pretty Good Scare Today

I just about had a heart attack this morning. I went out to my car and was about to head off to work, but then I realized that I had left a piece of paper that I needed on the kitchen table. I got about half of the way back to the house and one of my trees fell across the driveway. I am going to need to get a tree service in asheville nc to come by and clean it up today. Right now I am trying to see if it can be done while I am gone. Of course I might have to get the guy who does my tractor work to come past and have him fix up the yard at the same time. I had to go cross country to get out to the road and as much as I hated to do it I had to get out through the grass.

Of course the reason that the tree feel down was because of the storm we just had, so it was not like the ground was nice and firm for me to drive out on. I got out to the road, but I had to gun it pretty good to get over the ditch, although it is not really a ditch in the place I crossed it. It would have been impossible to have done it if that was the case. I stopped after I got on the road and looked back, it was not a pretty sight. Of course I could probably use this as an excuse to get the yard landscaped all over again. In the mean time I am going to have to fix it so that I can get back in the driveway. There is no place to park on the street really.