I Am Finally Losing Weight

I wanted to lose weight, but I just did not see how that was possible with how much I love food. I am not one of those types who ate because of emotions. I ate because I loved the taste of everything I had. I liked it too much though, because I had to buy new clothes at least once a year because I kept gaining weight. My doctor is the one who told me to lose weight or end up with diabetes. I went home and started reading about weight loss, which is how I found Shakeology reviews that really changed my life.

I knew that I would need something that would fill me up so I would not want to be eating throughout the day. I had so many cravings, and it did not help that the company I work for rewards us on a daily basis with food items. I knew that I could do this though, especially when faced with the potential of giving myself insulin shots. I had to find something that would stop my cravings, and that is how I happened upon the Shakeology review that changed everything for me.

When I saw that it truly does stop cravings, I knew that I wanted to try it. I read quite a few reviews, and that seemed to be the underlying theme among most of them. I decided that I would have a shake instead of my lunch meal, since that is the one where I usually indulge with fast food or something from the vending machines. I did this for two weeks and followed a much healthier diet, and something funny happened. I had to dig out some jeans from the year before because the ones I had been wearing were getting loose! I have a ways to go, but there is no stopping me now that I have found what works for me.