I Ended Up Bring Home a New Fish

I was at a flea market not too long ago, and I was looking at the lovely bettas in bowls at one of the flea market booths. I think they are such pretty fish, but I only wanted to look and nothing more. The man running the booth asked if I was interested in buy one, but I said that I was not interested because I always seemed to kill them too quickly. He said that it is important to learn what you can to ensure that you are helping your fish live longer and that it really isn’t brain science. I asked him to tell me more.

After talking to the man awhile, I quickly learned that I had been making mistakes in the past that pretty much guaranteed that my fish would not live long. And it was all my fault because I never bothered to learn anything about the proper care and feeding of bettas. I felt so guilty then. We discussed things further, and he said that he is sure that the things he was teaching me would help me to keep one alive for as many as five years. All of mine had died in just a couple of months in the past, but I was clueless back then. I decided to take him up on it and buy one.

I ended up taking my little fish with me to the office to sit on my desk. My cats would not be able to hurt him that way. And I really enjoyed having him on my desk each day to keep me company on days that I had to work long hours. I spent more time at work than home anyway. I am able to care for him easily at work because it takes so little time to do.