I Got a Job After School

I certainly could have dreamed up a better job if it were up to me, but I need to get some money before I start the university. That is about a year off and I am going to have to come up with the money I need to eat and if I want to have fun, that is going to cost me too. At any rate I am a part time cleaner in Singapore and luckily for me I have not been working too much during the weekend. They have a lot of work that they do in the weekends. Usually I am going to do about ten hours on Saturday and a little bit less on Sunday. There are a couple of different people who I help. I just do what they tell me to do and that is not that hard. It is not great money, but it does pay better than any of the other options which were open to me.

Of course my girlfriend really hates the entire idea, because she does not care too much for a boyfriend who is not any fun and you can not be too much fun when you are saving money or when you are spending the weekends working. She has a really rich mother though and so she does not have to think about money or how she is going to be able to afford school. She knows that this is all going to be paid for by her mother and she seems to hint that I can get the same deal. I thought that was really funny and I assume that her mother would laugh a lot harder than I did. It is not something that is worth fighting about. I need the money and so I have to do this.