I Got a Job at Harvard

I am still working as a construction project manager, but I have gotten hired to handle a lot of the things that they have going on at the campus of Harvard University. So far I have not been able to do some of the things that I really need to do. I have been looking for apartments for Cambridge MA and the places that I have looked at have been really expensive. I had been living on the far side of Suffolk County and I would have been happy enough to stay there if it had worked out, but it would have been an onerous commute every day. In fact the problem is that my roommate has moved to NYC for this great girl that he is obsessed with. The truth is that I do not think that she really cares all that much about him, but she does seem to like spending his money for him.

I was hoping that they would give me a parking space, but when I asked them about that they laughed and told me I would have to kill at least half a dozen people to get my name on the list. That is not in my plans and of course parking is very limited for everyone on campus. I figured out that I would probably end up having to take a nice long walk to get to my office, which is not a big deal. The real problem is that I would spend an indeterminate amount of time looking for a place to park each and every morning. That would mean that you would have to leave for work early every morning. So it is going to be a lot easier for me to just get on a bus and let it drop me in front of the building.