I Want to Find a New Apartment

I went out to look for a new place, of course first I went around looking at the website, since that was an easy thing for me to do. I loved this place I went to on Cobb Ave, but I am not sure about the cost of this place. It is really a luxury apartment and it was really way above the price range that I was thinking about. However I got to thinking that if I could find a roommate, then the price after you split the rent would actually be less than what I wanted to pay. At any rate this is a good idea, but only if you execute it well. The idea is obviously sound, but that only counts if you get a roommate that pays his ( or her) share of the rent every time that it comes due. Then you really need to be able to get along with the guy too.

You do not have to be best of buddies, in fact you barely have to acknowledge one another. Still you got to be able to go through the days without making one another homicidal. For example I used to live with a guy who loved to drink beer, but he never bought any beer and if he did he would hide it. Obviously if you are good to one another then you are going to be okay, but there is going to be one refrigerator and you are not going to want to pay for every bit of food that this other guy eats. It is not like you are ever going to find a perfect roommate either, but there is a balance that you have to make. I will start thinking about the people that I can live with soon.