Keeping Our Apartments Filles with Tenants Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

I have lunch with a friend about once a week. He has several properties in the downtown area. One is a big building with over 100 apartments. He has some very high-end places for lease. He rents a lot to doctors, lawyers and others who like spacious apartments too. My wife and I own a couple of small buildings with a total of 10 apartments in the small town where we grew up. Though my childhood friend is a millionaire landlord, we both use to keep our apartments leased.

Our two buildings are small and very well kept. We make sure that everything from the landscaping to paint on the handrails in the stairways is always new and fresh looking. We are able to charge a bit more for rent because we have very nice apartments. We have a turnover not because of having bad renters, but because of their jobs. A local healthcare system has nurses and other employees who work for anywhere from a few months to a year or so to be able to advance in their qualifications. We rent mostly to them.

When one moves out, another moves in. There is a bit of word of mouth advertising among the workers, but we rely more on finding our demographic using that gets our listings high up in the search engine results for renters looking for a place close to the teaching hospital. My friend uses the same company to find the lawyers and doctors he likes to rent his big apartments to.

We have practically instant results of getting traffic to our website from renters who have a schedule of when they will be moving. Lots of times we are able to coordinate them moving in very close to the same time that the others are moving out. As one group leaves, a new one is coming in to learn. This keeps our apartments full as long as the renters can find us online.