Low Interest Rate on Cash Loans

My brother just asked me for a loan the other day, and the problem is that I do not have the money to give him a loan. I wish that I could do it with my money in my bank account, but my bank account is pretty low at the moment, because of some things I have bought recently. I am going to check out cash loans and my options because I guess I might be willing to take out a loan, just to be able to give my brother a loan. I know that he would not ask me for a loan unless he really needed the money and so I feel a need to help him out, if I am able to.

I also know that he basically does not have any credit and so he would not be able to get a loan on his own. I have told him for years that he needs to get good credit, just in case of emergencies and such. But I guess that he does not trust himself with a credit card and that is the reason that he has never gotten one. It is not very smart though. He could at least get a credit card and then cut up the card and never use it.

I don’t think you build much credit by having a credit card and never using it, but I am not really sure about how that works. I just hope that I have good enough credit to get a loan that has favorable terms and conditions. I am especially concerned about the interest rate on any loan that I take out, because I do not know how long it is going to take for me to be able to pay the loan off once I take it out.