Moving Back Home for Mom

I knew that I had to move back to Boston because of my mom’s failing health. There was no one else to take care of her, and I did not want to see her go into a nursing home. She was not on her deathbed, but she also could no longer live on her own. I had been thinking about moving back anyway, so it was not really that big of a deal for me. I did look at luxury apartments in Boston first though, because I knew that her small apartment would not be nearly big enough for the two of us.

I wanted to live somewhere nice too, where there were people my own age. Though it was not a retirement community that she was living in at the time, it sure did have the feel of one. She did not mind moving though, especially since the apartment that we have now is really nice compared to her old one. We each have a bedroom at opposite ends of the apartment, which gives us a lot of privacy. I wanted her to take the master bedroom and bath, but she refused to do that. I admit that I do like it, because my closet is huge and it is nice having a bathroom right there.

Her bedroom has two closets, and it is right across from the other bathroom in the apartment. The laundry is also at her end of the apartment, which is convenient for her. Outside of my bedroom is the large living room. It is really almost big enough to be two rooms, and the kitchen is on the other side of it. It has a large island where we share a meal at least a few times a week. My mom has really perked up a lot since we moved here, and I can even leave her for a day or so if I have to go on a business trip now.