Moving Close to Lake Ray Hubbard So I Can Get More Time Fishing

I told my wife that I would move anywhere she wanted as long as I could go fishing within minutes of where we lived. She was looking at nice apartments in North Dallas, and she told me Lake Ray Hubbard was just minutes away. I like to get some fishing time in after work and sometimes before work. It is the one and only hobby that I really like. I do not golf, ride motorcycle, go rock climbing or any stuff like that. I just carry a tackle box and a couple of fishing poles and go fishing.

My wife likes it too, just not as much as I do. She did pick us a great apartment. I leave that stuff up to her. Otherwise, we would be living in a trailer next to a lake somewhere. She makes any place we have lived a real home. Don’t get me wrong. I am not spending all of my free time fishing. I mean, I could, but I also know it is no way to keep friends or impress your spouse. I do, however, go fishing at every opportunity that I can. I have also been enjoying swimming in the big pools at our new apartment complex.

We have a very nice apartment, and our car is under a carport. This is the first time we have lived in an apartment that has hookups for a washer and dryer too. That is a nice amenity every apartment should have. I have come to despise the laundromat. I can’t even stand the way my clothes smell when we had to use a place like that to wash our clothes. It is so nice to now have our own washer and dryer. Living close to the lake is nice too. When it is not my turn to cook dinner, I can sneak over to the lake for an hour to get in some time fishing.