People Are Getting So Smart About Designing Living Spaces

When did apartment living become so luxurious and trendy? I can’t believe how many nice places there are out there now! When I was a kid I remember that having a luxury apartment typically meant that you would need to get a penthouse on the top of some building for a lot of money. That’s not the way it is anymore. I was showing my mom this website for a place that I wanted to rent, and her mouth dropped when I showed her the photos. The place is luxurious, but it doesn’t come with a penthouse price at all. Mom jokes that she wanted to move in with me.

Used to be that an apartment was an apartment. you could go to anyone’s apartment anywhere in town, and they mostly all look exactly alike. If you were lucky your apartment has more bedrooms than someone else’s apartment. If you were lucky, you got a tiny little balcony to sit outside on. That was about as luxurious as it got. Then, there was a big jump from that to penthouses, with nothing in between. I found a place that looks like a trendy lost in a major city, and it’s breathtaking. I said “wow” over and over when I first walked in to take a tour.

My mom says she can’t believe that I’m not paying high prices at the place that I’ve rented. She has even decided to use some of the design ideas at my place and incorporate them into her own house. I told her that I would help her. The people who designed the place that I’m living in are definitely creative, and they knew exactly how to make it look like each unit is a posh pad for people who don’t have posh bank accounts.