Sharing the Culture of Music Across Two Different Cultures

My new neighbors play music when they sit out on their deck on the weekends. They are not loud, it is just that I have taken notice of the music because it does not originate in this country. It is from their country. I never even considered that other cultures would have pop artists, folk artists and even classical style music artists. The Mexican restaurant we go to plays some Mexican hip hop, but I just never gave it much thought until hearing the music of my neighbors. I asked them where I could find examples, and they said mp3skull online is a source they would recommend to listen to some of their music.

They have a wireless speaker on their deck like we have. We usually play a little music when we are relaxing around the fire pit. They do the same thing. We do not jam out, but we just play the music at a comfortable listening level. We have found ourselves shutting off our music and listening to what they are playing. We are liking the instruments, melodies, rhythms and vocals even though we do not understand a word of what they are saying. Yes, it is kind of weird to like music where you do not understand the words, but it is growing on us. We are actually taking time online to listen to more songs by the same artists. My neighbor told me it is time to start beginning to learn their language to be able to enjoy the music even more.

He even thinks it is a bit odd that we like their music so much. He says he only listens to it because his wife likes it. He told me that he actually prefers American contemporary music and some music from the 1980s Big Hair bands. I find that more than amusing, but it makes sense. I am used to that kind of music and got away from it to listen to something new. He never heard much of it and is on a road of discovering it like we are discovering the music from his country.