The Bank Just Hired Me

I just got down to the city of Charlotte a couple of days ago, right after I knew for sure that I was going to get the job my friend from college had told me about. He and I used to share a place when we were juniors at Chapel Hill and it was obvious that this was why he wanted me to get the job. He just lost his roommate and seemed none too upset about it. In fact he seemed to be quite delighted. I moved right in and if you want you can check out the website here. It is a pretty nice place, I especially like the fitness center and Joe says that there is always a pretty good basketball game on the weekends. That worked out great for me, because when the other guy left he did not take his furniture with him. It is not stuff that I would spend my own money on, but it is better than the stuff that I gave away back in Chapel Hill.

So at any rate now I just need to start saving up for a new car and I will be pretty much where I want to be. I am in training right now, but the bank seems really keen to get me on the board. Joe’s old roommate had this job before me, but he seems to have had some sort of psychotic episode. Joe says that it seems like he was on medications that were supposed to keep him sane. Now it seems that he did not keep taking his pills, which made Joe want to kill him even though he needed him to pay his half of the rent and the power bill. At any rate his flame out was actually a good thing for me.