The Best for Deodorant for Sensitive Skin Types

I am a guy with sensitive skin. I would never tell my pals who rock climb with me. They would really be on me for that. I have to use shaving cream for sensitive skin and soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin too. I also use laundry detergent that has no fragrances or dyes. I can wear a little cologne if I spray it on the outer part of my clothes. As for deodorant, I looked at the choices best for deodorant for people like me with sensitive skin. I found a lot of options to choose from.

I was not concerned about masking underarm odor. I wanted something that would stop it and hopefully did not have any scent to it at all. I do not like smelly perfumes anyway. I use a hypoallergenic deodorant that does not irritate my skin at all. I have been using it for a couple of years now. It has no scent of its own, it is clear and it does not have any antiperspirant stuff in it like aluminum. However, it stops odor amazingly well. I am not even sure how it does it. There is a clear difference between using it or nothing at all. After a climb, I smell good. No stink, and that includes no perfume scents. If I do not use the hypoallergenic deodorant, I can smell a little locker room smell starting to form.

It took me some time to find the best for deodorant products for sensitive skin, but I managed it. I will stick with the product I use because I am totally pleased with it. I like it that it is free of harsh chemicals, smelly fragrances and artificial dyes. I have no problem with that, especially considering the amount of chemicals and other things we are exposed to on a daily basis.