The Body Wasn’t Ready for Yoga

I started taking yoga classes with the idea of using it to make me more flexible. As someone in their mid 40s, I could stand to use a little extra flexibility. On the first day of class, I tried to do one of the moves and somehow I injured my back to the point where I had to contact a Sacramento chiropractor to have it examined. I couldn’t stand up without having the yoga instructor help me. It was a little embarrassing because I was as helpless as a child.

Even though I was only in the yoga class for a day, the little bit that I saw was pretty interesting. Our yoga instructor had been doing yoga for many years, and he was able to stretch his body pretty far. I bet he can do some contortions and turn his entire body into the shape of a pretzel. At the very least, he could use his toes to touch his ears, which is something I’ve never been able to do, even when I was a a young boy.

I had to stop going to yoga class while my back healed. All of the other students were learning the new techniques while I was sitting at home watching television and eating junk food. I couldn’t wait to get back into the class and stretch out. My goal from taking the class was to be able to at least do a downward dog position, but I’ve changed that. I want to be able to master all of the yoga poses and reach the same level that an instructor would have. It will take years of training and dedication, but I think I can do it. I may have to go to the chiropractor a few more times, but it will be worth it.