The Lodge is a Different Kind of Apartment Home

My brother is a bachelor. He has no plans on getting married. He likes to fish, climb rocks, spelunk into holes in the ground that you would think no sane person would enter and other wild stuff like that. He was looking for an apartment in Florida when I showed him a website for The Lodge on Hidden River. His eyes lit up like the Fourth of July fireworks we used to set off as kids. He had found his own version of home sweet home.

The Lodge is a rustic yet chic living space that is perfect for the urban-working adventurer my brother is. He is not a cowboy or rancher or other worker of the land. He has a corporate job, but he enjoys his outdoor adventures on his days off and on his vacation time. He can golf well, but he prefers angling for fish that are big enough to eat him. Not my cup of tea, but it is right up his alley.

He picked a place at The Lodge and is happy as can be. He has boat storage on-site, and he can walk to Lettuce Lake to go kayaking. This is one of his favorite things to do as he can squeeze in some time on the water after or before work. He is a bundle of endless energy and would stay outdoors all the time if he could. The place he lives at is really close to hiking areas along the Hillsborough River too.The gym at The Lodge looks like it could pass as a training facility for that TV show about Ninja athletes. They have everything for cardio and strength training including stuff you can climb on. I have never actually seen a gym like that. My brother likes it because it helps him train for rock climbing.