Watching All the Cricket Games

My friend and I signed up for a provider from because we we wanted to see the national cricket championships. When we lived in India, we used to watch cricket matches all the time, but since we live overseas, the opportunities to see these games are very limited if you don’t have a television provider. We’ve tried looking at some of them live on the Internet, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. The connections sometimes aren’t that great, and sometimes the streams get taken down because of copyright issues. My friend and I decided it was time for a more reliable option.

After we got our provider, the first cricket game of the championships came on the next day. We decided to alternate going to each others house for the event. We ordered a lot of pizza and wings, and bought a big keg of beer. The store owner from the place where we bought the beer thought we were getting it in anticipation for the football games that were happening that weekend, but then we told him that it was for cricket. He said that he also watched cricket and that he had bet some money on the game.

We ate so much pizza on the first day of the games alone. It was an amazing match, and we did it again for the whole week. So much beer, wings, and pizza went through our bodies. I think by the end of the games, we had gained another 20 pounds. It was a good time, and I can’t wait to do it again the next year. In the mean time, my friend and I can go out and play some cricket of our own. It will certainly help us burn off all that fat and sugar we ingested.