Water Views Are a Must for Me

I told my husband that he was going to have to get a job transfer if he wanted me to stay married to him. For my own sanity, I had to get out of the north because I was tired of the New England taxes and politics. It seemed like no matter what year it was, we were getting taxed on something else. I found the area where his company could transfer him to in the south and I saw a click here ad that said if you were looking to buy a home or property in the area that the site would be able to help you find what you were looking for. Before I knew it, I found a great site that had a lot of different homes that I liked. I am very particular and I wanted to make sure that my new house was a step up from what I had up north.

My husband thought that it was a reasonable reason. If I was going to be moving down hours from my family, then he said I was going to have to get something that was going to make me happy. I did not want something that was going to need any work done to it because I did not want to live in a construction zone. I think that was not a lot to ask for. I was shocked at how much money we had to spend to get a nice house, it was half of what we were paying up north. I was thrilled to see that the crown molding and other finishes were going to be very reasonable in the prices that we were looking at. My husband is also going to be making the same salary, so that has made a big difference for us.