We Found the Perfect Solution for Living Near One Another

When my parents told me that the home they had been renting for the past 18 years was being put up for sale and we had only a few months to find a new place, I wasn’t worried. But then I saw that my parents were having trouble finding another place in our small town. They felt they might be stuck with a one bedroom apartment, and wondered if I should find my own apartment, too. The thought of it was very appealing. How hard could it be? You sign a lease, agree to service from CPL Energy and get your Internet hooked up. After that, you just make sure that you pay your rent every month on time. I was already paying my parents rent each month. I decided to look into it.

I felt that it was best to let my parents off the hook and let them get their own place. There was no sense in making them find a place with an extra bedroom for me just so that I could be happy. I lived with them because we get along so well, and they liked helping me out with cheap rent so that I could save money. I have done really well with the latter, too. I’m an adult, so I figured it was time that I am out on my own as well. It would be much easier for them to find a small place and me to do the same.

It turns out that there were two separate one-bedroom units at the place my parents found for themselves. I decided to move in. I am now living just 4 units down the hall from my parents. It turned out perfectly. And my parents are nearby if I need anything. Mom calls me to come help her with things as well.