We Love Living at the Arbors at Fairview

My best friend and I have known each other most of our lives. We met in first grade when I moved to her town, and we instantly clicked. We have been closer than any two people could be, at least that is what our parents have always said. We have never had a major fight, and we were looking forward to experiencing all kinds of firsts together. After graduating from college, we were both hired at the same company in South Carolina. She sent me an email prior to moving there that just said click here with a link to an apartment complex.

One of the reasons why our friendship works out so well is because we do have separate interests as well. If we were to spend all of our time together, we would probably bicker a lot more and not be as close. We have separate shifts at work, so we would only be at the apartment together on our days off. The apartment she wanted me to look at is a three bedroom unit with two bathrooms. As soon as I saw the floor plan that she had sent to my email, I knew that was perfect for us.

We both knew that our parents would want to come visit us, plus she has a couple of younger sisters that are like sisters to me too. We wanted them to be able to stay with us when they came to visit, which meant we needed a three bedroom unit. It is not far from our jobs, and we love everything about living here. We have even met some really nice people at the community resident center. I know that we will each marry the man of our dreams and move on one day, but right now, this is where we both want to be.