We Never Expected a Baseball Scout to Come Knocking on Our Door

Our son started playing baseball by just playing catch in the back yard with his grandfather. Neither my wife nor I have much interest in sports, but my wife’s dad is a baseball enthusiast. He played in high school and college, and he has been a fan of the sport his entire life. Our son got hooked after the first minor league game he saw at a local sports stadium. He was firmly hooked when he saw his first MLB game. He wanted to play and not just be a fan, and we used a Denver sports performance coach to help him advance in his abilities as college was then just a couple of years away.

We never thought that a scout would be knocking on our door wanting to know what our son’s plans were for enhancing his skills in baseball to the next level. Someone saw a potential in him that we could not see as parents who are not into sports. Even my father-in-law told us he thought the boy had potential, but he did not expect a baseball scout to come calling. The scout told us it was time to take our son’s training in the sport to the next level. He said it was important to get him involved with a Denver sports performance coach he knows that helps other professionals. It was kind of weird to hear our high school age son being classed with MLB players.

Without the guidance from the scout, we may have missed a great opportunity to let our son pursue a dream of playing professional baseball. None of us, including his grandfather, knew what to do to bring out his talent and abilities in the sport to their full potential. We found out that it was his high school coach who got our son on the scout’s radar. Now our boy is in college and is having some meetings with that minor league team he first saw with his grandfather years ago.